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Brooks England B72 Twin Rail Wide Leather Saddle - Handcrafted in England


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  • Durable Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Shapes Over Time
  • Lasting Comfort & Breathability
  • Extended 10-Year Guarantee
  • Handcrafted Since 1866

Naturally Timeless.

Made By Hand. Shaped By You.

B72 was launched for the first time in the ‘30s of the past century, its refined loop suspension creates a touch of extra comfort for upright bicyclists who gravitate toward unhurried touring. Lighter than other sprung saddles, this classic, durable style offers the best choice for road tourers and old school mtb riders.

  • Durable, 5mm Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Tubular steel rivets
  • Distinctive side stamp
  • Iconic Brooks backplate
  • Springs for added comfort
  • Casual Touring
  • Upright cycling in the city
  • Classic bicycles

Durable Vegetable Tanned Leather

Only the finest premium vegetable tanned leather for strength, beauty and durability.

Extended 10-Year Guarantee

The Brooks extended 10-year guarantee on all our leather saddles is founded on the quality and consistency of materials and the exceptional work of our craftspeople.

Handcrafted Since 1866

Our workshops have been crafting Brooks iconic leather saddles for more than 150 years.

Lasting Comfort & Breathability

Leather is a naturally breathable material that provides a unique type of well-being. The leather top is suspended over the saddle rail to create a suspended moulded seat, similar to a hammock, for tailored lasting comfort.

Shapes Over Time

Journey after journey, our leather naturally moulds to the unique shape of the rider for a more comfortable ride.


L 260 x W 205 x H 56 mm
Weight: 720 g


Vegetable tanned leather top
Tubular steel rivets
Twin-rail steel frame


Upright riding position


Which is the right Brooks saddle for me?

Our leather saddles come in different shapes and styles depending on what kind of bike or riding position. For example, a wider saddle with springs is ideal for an upright, 90-degree posture. Middle widths are often used for touring or commuting when the spinal angle of the rider is in a 45 to 60 degrees position. As a general rule, the more athletic the riding position, the narrower the saddle.

Why do I need to break in my leather saddle?

New leather is tough because of the numerous treatments of the tanning process, as well as the moulding process done at our factory. This leaves the fibres very strong, but also quite rigid. “Breaking in” is the process in which the saddle leather becomes supple and more flexible. Time, effort and care hold the key to bringing your leather saddle to its best condition. Primarily through riding, the leather will mould to the shape of your anatomy and become more flexible. Over time, the natural movement of the leather will act like a hammock whilst riding. But be careful to make sure that the leather does not sag too low, as this will cause it to contact the metal structure and could lead to saddle failure, not to mention being uncomfortable, as you could be sitting on the upper rails of some models or even the seat post itself.


By registering your Leather Saddle on Brooks Website within 3 months from the date of purchase, you can extend the standard 2 years of guarantee to 10 years total.

Handmade by British craftsmen

Brooks England saddles are handmade in the UK. Small cracks on the leather are formed during the pressing and forming process, leaving traces of handcrafting process. Each saddle is one of it's kind. The saddles are also made of traditional materials such as iron and copper. Oxidation is common and normal, adding to the retro style.