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Bike Lift Bicycle Ceiling Hanger


  • Occupies little space - can be installed on the ceiling to easily and safely hang your bike.
  • With sling and sling brake
  • HIGH QUALITY AND STABLE MATERIAL - The hook is made of metal and has a rubber coating to protect the paint from unwanted scratches.
  • Load capacity up to 25kg - Bike Lift fits a variety of bikes.
  • Complete set includes assembly instructions and assembly accessories

- Lift the bike off the floor to create more floor space in your home.

- Features all-steel construction for superior durability.

- Easy to install, lift and deploy.

- Space-saving and versatile storage hook.

- Durable, safe and protects your bike from damage.

- Modern black finish to decorate your home and garage.

- Suitable for 25 kg load

Installation tools

- Impact drill or electric drill

- Phillips screwdriver