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Brooks England D-Shaped Leather Saddle Bag - Made in Italy


  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Unique premium details
  • Keeps belongings safe & secure

Compact Companions. Crafted to complement our saddles.

The D-Shaped Saddle Bag is a leather cycling tool bag featured in Brooks catalogues as far back as 1910.

  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Casual Touring
  • Upright cycling in the city
  • Classic bicycles

Exceptional craftsmanship

Workshop-made by skilled artisans with generations of experience.

Keeps belongings safe & secure

Designs intended to increase the safety and security of your belongings.

Unique Premium Details

Special components, designs, materials and manufacturing techniques add unique character and timeless distinction.


W 165 x D 50 x H 90 mm
Volume: 0,75 L
Weight: 270 g



The D-Shaped Saddle Bag is a cycling tool bag featured in Brooks catalogues as far back as 1910. This innovative design features a two-piece construction which, whilst the outer sleeve remains permanently attached to the saddle, has an inner purse that may be removed so that its owner may retain it, thus securing its valuable contents. The purse is attached to the sleeve by a mushroom fastener, preventing it from sliding out even under extreme conditions.


How do I maintain my leather bag?

As well as for the saddles, leather on bags and backpacks should be kept supple. The best advice would be to use products specifically for the cleaning of leather bags. Using Proofide to clean your bag can work as long as result in a very noticeable darkening of the leather.


Brooks cleaner foam has been developed to clean and restore all Brooks bags’ surfaces to their original lustre and shine. To use: Apply a good quantity to a soft cloth and carefully yet thoroughly rub the entire bag. Leave to dry. It cleans delicately. Proofide may be applied to all leather details, allowing it to permeate before polishing off with a soft cloth to avoid getting any on your clothes. *Note: Proofide will darken the leather somewhat which should be considered when using this product.