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Panaracer Agilest Road Tire 700C - Made in Japan


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The new ZSG AGILE Compound TF Super Belt/ Outer Shield bring this vision into reality in the new Agilest series for all riding style and conditions.

“ZSG AGILE Compound”

Tirelessly working to reduce rolling resistance.

To achieve a truly sublime ride, the ZSG AGILE Compound developed for the AGILEST series further reduces rolling resistance by 12% compared to the RACE EVO4 Series.

“Tough & Flex Super Belt/Outer Shield”

High puncture resistance, comfort and light weight.

This new material combines light weight and puncture resistance beyond the ProTite technology used previously for an even safer and more comfortable ride.


A lineup of three types available for various racing categories.

Choose the AGILEST model that suits you and your riding conditions the best. From the AGILEST that works best for all conditions, to the AGILEST DURO when you need added puncture protection, to the AGILEST LIGHT when light weight and superior suppleness are key to getting the most from your ride.

Panaracer has further refined and updated our technologies and compounds to work with the new ETRTO standards reduce rolling resistance further by 12% over our RACE EVO4 series.

Agilest Duro TLR (Tubeless Ready)

All AGILEST models are created with a golden ratio called The Panaracer Ratio. The Panaracer Ratio successfully combines, the lightest weights in class, lowest rolling resistance, and greatest durability to form this lofty triangle of ultimate performance.

AGILEST DURO TLR is based on AGILEST TLR, which ads even great protection for greater security to really test conditions over all types of surfaces with greater confidence.

Size ETRTO Weight(g) Recommended inflation pressure(PSI)
700×25C 25-622 240 MAX 115
700×28C 28-622 270 MAX 95

Agilest Duro

The Agilist Duro tire brings increased puncture resistance to the mix by incorporating the newly developed TOUGH & FLEX SUPER OUTER SHIELD” and “PROTITE BELT” into this reliable performance tire.

Additionally, the “ZSG AGILE COMPOUND” reduces rolling resistance by 12% and weight by 20g compared to the previous model, which was known for its performance and reliability in races, training sorties and long rides (Using 700×25C tires as a control metric). This reinforced high performance tire is ideal for rough roads and mitigating punctures.

Size ETRTO Weight(g) Recommended inflation pressure(PSI)
700×25C 25-622 220 MAX 140
700×28C 28-622 250 MAX 110

Agilest Light

The Agilest Light has been thoughtfully designed from the bead to the tread with special consideration from the tread pattern to raw materials.

The LIGHT incorporates the newly developed “ZSG AGILE COMPOUND ” and TOUGH & FLEX SUPER BELT ” to create an ultra-light racing tire reduction rolling resistance.

Size ETRTO Weight(g) Recommended inflation pressure(PSI)
700×23C 23-622 160 MAX 150
700×25C 25-622 165 MAX 140

Agilest Tubular

The TU incorporates the ZSG AGILE COMPOUND and TOUGH&FLEX SUPER BELT into a fast rolling and puncture resistant tire for all-around use and reliability. Training racing, and long rides is where this tire excels.

Size ETRTO Weight(g) Recommended inflation pressure(PSI)
700×25C - 260 85-145